Thursday, January 12, 2012

The $170 Wreath

No, I did not make a wreath that cost $170.  I did, however, make a wreath that cost under $10.  My inspiration was this wreath:
Pinterest via Etsy

I spotted it on Pinterest, and when I followed the link to the Etsy shop I was SHOCKED at the price.  $170???  I don't understand.  Why is this wreath so expensive??? Are those real diamonds?  Haha!  So I set out to make my own for MUCH less than $170.

I started with the outside of an embroidery hoop.  I had it left over from my crayon wreath!

I painted the hoop white and tied the ends together with a little ribbon that will also serve as the wreath hanger.

Then, I cut 10 billion pieces of tulle.  Okay not quite 10 billion.  But it was 50 yards of white tulle (about 6 inches wide, $4.99 a 25 yd spool at Hobby Lobby), cut into 12 inch sections.  It was a LOT of tulle.  I don't have a picture of all the tulle, but I do have this picture of one of my cats watching the tulle very carefully.  She really wanted to eat it.

Next came the tying process.  I just tied double knots in the center of each piece around the edge of the hoop.  

After that, I hot glued some shiny stuff onto the center.  I chose a piece of tinsel ribbon (found in my ribbon stash) and a string of silver beads ($1.49 at Hobby Lobby).

One more addition I need to make is to attach some sort of snowflake to help signify that this is a winter wreath and I did not, in fact, just hang a tutu on my door.

Voila!  $170?  Puh-lease.  Try under $10!  And it wasn't even time intensive.  It took about 1 episode of House Hunters followed by 1 episode of Cupcake Wars to complete this.  Also known as, 1.5 hours.  


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  1. Oh my goodness! It turned out awesome! I'm so glad you posted this! I've been spying that wreath, but was so sad to see the price tag. Ouch!! I'm so not crafty, but I might can handle this one.