Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Melody - My Desire

When I saw Jeremy Camp in August, the last song he played was called "My Desire".  I had never heard this song before, but I loved it so much that on my way home from the concert I actually stopped and bought the album "Restored", where this song can be found.

For me, it's interesting to look at Jeremy's albums in terms of his story.  I see myself in his songs.  Having walked a similar path, I can't listen to "I Still Believe" without tearing up.  Some days, I'm feeling "Restored".  Others, I am blasting "Take My Life" - which I love for its raw, angst filled cry to God.  But the song that I most identify with currently is "My Desire".

Last weekend was the first of this season's "Girlfriend Getaway" conferences.  For this year's tour, I am the host.  More importantly though, part of this year's message includes a 10 minute video of my testimony.  I watched it before they showed it, and I cried.  And then when we showed it in the session, I cried some more.  But before I left for the conference, I put on "My Desire" and I just prayed that song.  I prayed that God would use my story, my words, my tears - all of it, for His glory.  Because this is my be used by You.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE that song. Every now and then the song is on repeat. I am a self-proclaimed song killer. Will be praying for you during this season of Girlfriend Getaway!